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FAMFAM Iconset

Diese Site nutzt das FAMFAM Iconset. Das Iconset steht unter Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Lizenz und kann mittels Verlinkung auf den unten angegebenen Link genutzt werden.

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Dojo Toolkit

Diese Site nutzt das Dojo Toolkit, es kann unter heruntergeladen werden.

Lizenz Dojo Toolkit

Dojo is available under *either* the terms of the modified BSD license *or* the Academic Free License version 2.1. As a recipient of Dojo, you may choose which license to receive this code under (except as noted in per-module LICENSE files). Some modules may not be the copyright of the Dojo Foundation. These modules contain explicit declarations of copyright in both the LICENSE files in the directories in which they reside and in the code itself. No external contributions are allowed under licenses which are fundamentally incompatible with the AFL or BSD licenses that Dojo is distributed under.

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